Advice & Guidance

Our preferred approach is to engage with our clients in a service delivery partnership. In such instances, the consulting and advisory element is factored into our partnering model.

In some instances, the commissioning client is uncertain as to the optimum delivery mechanism for creating capacity – insourcing, mutualisation, community business or outsourcing. In such instances we help with business case development, including visioning, options identification and appraisal, stakeholder engagement, costing, risk management, scenario planning and benefits realisation.

Community Models can also provide consulting and advisory support relating to:

  • Governance and management structures
  • Legal constructs
  • Strategy and performance management arrangements
  • Service solution innovation
  • Commercial and financial models
  • Systems integration
  • Supply chain partnering
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Funding sources
  • Through our network of associates, we can also provide both management consultancy and commercial/legal support linked to structural review, options appraisal, procurement, organisational change, and impact evaluation. We prefer to do so where maximising community benefit is a key objective of any project.